Friday, April 24, 2009

Hammocks are GLORIOUS!!

Hey Folks,

So I experienced my first circus. I must admit, I never thought the first time I would be at Circus would be performed by Guatemalans in Spanish in Mango Creek, Belize, but there you have it. The whole thing was in Spanish...didn't understand a word, but thouroughly enjoyed it! Shanton, was so excited for me to go. He's seen the circus twice already so he kept telling me what was going to happen next and looking over at me during the funny parts to check out my reaction. It was really cute. The circus was better than I thought it was going to be. Trapeze(sp?) artists, tigers, llamas, ponies, camels, dirt bikes in big metal balls, sword throwing, clowns and tones more. It was great, I'm really glad I went, it was a great time!!

Today was a brilliantly laid back Belizean day for me. A kind of day that I don't ever remember enjoying while I was here last summer, probably because I was so worried about making sure I was doing work while I was here. I woke up this morning earlier then I had planned because of the time of the sunrise which is 5:30am - the sun is usually fully in the sky by 6:00am which is the time I woke up. I bathed and then ate with the Longsworths. I had a conference call with a committee that I'm on back in Toronto at 8:30am which I attended and then the rest of the day was mine. I had absolutely nothing planned, and kept it that way. The temperature was high 80's low 90's however it was really windy which made the temperature perfect. I sat outside in the sun took in as much vitamin D as I could. After about 45 minutes I started to get tired of reading and laid on the hammock for a while. Last summer I never was able to have a decent nap in a hammock, probably because I had so much on my mind. With nothing to distract me I had the most glorious nap of my life in Miss Lorna's hammock this morning. Apparently there was a tone of people walking past me with packages for the Longsworth's, I didn't hear a thing.

The rest of my day was spent, making my way between the couch and the hammock with my book. It's been unbelievably glorious - I LOVE IT!! I got a little stir crazy this afternoon so I hopped on my old bike and took a ride to the store to pick myself up a little treat....Plantain Chips, they were great!! I forgot how much I liked them! I came back to Miss Lorna's and spent the rest of the day on the deck with Miss Lorna and Teacher Shirley (Lorna's daughter-in-law) who lives next door. It was a great afternoon.

If the weather holds out, Shanton, Miss Lorna and I will be making our way over to Placencia to enjoy time on the beach. I also hope to catch up with the Villafrano's who live under the rectory at Placencia. Their youngest Beyonce was one of the little girls who spent a bunch of time last year trying to teach me how to dance like a Belizean. Joseph, her father, e-mailed me to tell me she's got a few more moves to show me. We'll see if I can learn them!

Sunday I will go to church at St. Michael's and then take a trip out to Monkey River for the evening to spend some time with Sue Harris and her husband. I will return to Mango Creek on Monday early afternoon. So if you don't hear from me on Sunday it's because I don't have internet access. Monkey River is very small (pop. 400) and it's about a half an hour drive through the jungle, so it's a little secluded, I cannot wait!!

Please continue to pray for the Diocese of Belize. They have a real shortage of clergy people here, clergy are looking after many parishes, up to nine in some areas. The thought of it exhausts me. However their faith is so apparent and strong, it is incredibly encouraging and reminds me everyday as to why I love it here and the people here. They are constantly proclaiming the word of God and allowing the light of Christ to shine through them through their actions of hospitality, and their ability to share their love for Christ with each other! What a wonderful blessing!!!

Until tomorrow, take care!!


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Hodge said...

Hey, hope that you continue to have an excellent and relaxing trip!